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» Welcome «

» It's been a long time since I updated Controlled-Gaming's History. We have been inactive for quite some time now, But still holding strong, Our goal at the moment is to have fun, we're not aiming to be the best rating team right now, nor planning on playing ETPro cups, (Since we don't have a stable Warteam) we are just trying to get things together for a new start. For those who are wondering where dTEC7 is, he has quit ET, and mostly plays CS:GO, BUT most importantly, he found love, and I personally wish him luck with that.

Controlled-Gaming has been through a lot. and has been up for more than 5 years now. We're a bunch of chilled people, playing mostly ET, with CS:GO and others on the side, we're a worldwide clan, so anyone from any race or gender is welcomed. Recruiting is opened for all sections of our clan. (Rate, Scrim, Warteam, Fun Member.) Just make an application on forums and we will look into it. «

» Come check out our silent server! Tell us what you think. «


» Feel free to take part of discussions at our forums, «

» You want to be a Part of cTRL Clan? «
» You need to be active, mature and respectful. Wearing our Tags after «
» being accepted is a must, also no double clanning is allowed. «

» Do you like rating? «
» You need to know how to rate and how it works. Also you need at least «
» +22 rate in Trackbase to get accepted. «

Posted by controlled-gaming on Saturday 19 January 2013 - 12:54:58 | Comments are Off
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bullet Gnome
22 Mar : 21:47
Bella? bella Italia? ->Link
bullet Gnome
22 Mar : 21:45
Np brian mate you can have my account. Ill PM you it when i find out what my password is. I suggest getting dirtybomb though loads of ET players playing it and I found Winkii this morning playing
bullet Bella
22 Mar : 17:14
YES, guitar breaker
bullet ecLipse
21 Mar : 20:59
Broke my mouse, i'm the mouse breaker REMEMBER?
bullet Bella
21 Mar : 19:09
Did you break your mouse ? or bought a new one just like that?(:
bullet ecLipse
21 Mar : 01:41
Gnome if you're bored of it, you should give it to me, I wanna try it but don't have money since I spent it on a mouse, headphonnes, smart phone, and laptop :(
bullet Legadema
14 Mar : 10:48
Ah alright:P I get it now:P
bullet Gnome
14 Mar : 10:47
But ill try it again my battlenet is #gnome22553
bullet Gnome
14 Mar : 10:35
I played with a few etplayers just dont like the lack of individual skill pressing Q doesn't do it for me
bullet Legadema
14 Mar : 10:31
It's only fun if you play with other people, since it's a team based game... it's like csgo it's not fun to solo queue (at least for me it is not) but when you are with a team you can give coms and practice certain strategy's... But I guess for everyone it's own thing. To bad you did not like it though

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